Site Update Log


As we've mentioned before, the design of this web site is a never ending project. We want you to come back often, and to encourage your visits, we are keeping a diary of all significant updates and new information.

This is a LIFO (Last In -- First Out) list, sorted by date (YYYY-MM-DD). If you see something interesting, simply click on the hyperlink and take the shortcut to the new stuff.


yyyymmdd   (next new entry here)
2005-08-09 GM Vortec 6000 EFI engine       (info. PDF)
2002-09-19 Additional information and photos of ClassX 18BR
2002-06-05 Photo Album Section --- Lots of Photos here!
2002-05-30Web Site moves and service begins from
2002-04-09 New VIP Lounge Site
2002-04-08 ClassX 18 Prototype Dvelopment --- Photos here!
2002-04-08 Photo of 350 CID Vortex MPFI --- Photo here!
2002-04-07 Begin configuration of web-site to accomodate SSP applications via CGI applets.
2002-04-05 Added Glossary and began integration of key terms.
2002-04-05 NACA Intake Duct
2002-04-05 Added the Site Update Log page

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