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350 CI (5.7 liter) PFI Engine


Lord Type Engine Mount


ClassX 18 Legend: Hull Wire Diagram Model
SE ISO View below Shear-Line (deck removed). Fuel tanks and main stringers illustrated.
Frame cross-sections forward of station 13 are approximations.


Right Profile View
Below Shear-Line (deck removed). Fuel tanks and main stringers illustrated.
Portrays the approximate location of the 350 PFI engine installation
relative to an installed American Turbine SD350 jet drive.


Close-up view of engine installation.


Front View Hull, Engine, Stringers, and Tanks
Installed height of engine may be lower in final configuration relative to location of installed AT SD309 jet drive.

Arc (at transom station-18) through exhaust risers, is approximate envelope of proposed engine hatch cover. The final design and cross-sectional profile will be based on engine configuration with low profile exhaust system and mufflers.


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