Amercian Turbine Jet Unit

The American Turbine Jet Unit

The ClassX 18's are equiped with the American Turbine SD-309 pump. This is a fifth generation marine water-jet propulsion system. This Super Duty marine jet unit is designed for light weight planing craft, powered by gasoline engines capable of operating in a maximum RPM range 1000 to 5000+. Efficient crusing performance can be achieved by coupling with a 350 CID PFI engine that can product 358 lb-ft @ 3200 rpm while generating approximately 175 horsepower. The pump assembly can easily handle peak horsepower in excess of 500 bhp without additional modification.

The jet drive assembly is installed in an aft, semi-outboard configuration. There are several advantages to this technique:
  • More usable Cockpit Space
  • Center of Gravity is farther aft
  • Performance Ride Plate can be installed
  • Clean-out Cover can be accessed from outside the boat
  • Efficiency of Water Intake Location is maximized

  • Intake Installation Details


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