350 CID Engines


The General Motors Chevrolette Vortex 350 CID V8 cylinder engine, normally aspirated with Bosch Multi-Port Fuel Injection (MPFI) is capable of producing 320 break horsepower @ 5000 rpm, and 358 lb-ft of torque @3200 rpm. The carburated version can produce 307 brake horsepower @ 5000 rpm.

The performance specifications are comparable to entry level big block offerings of the 1960's and 1970's, but with 400 lbs. less weight. The 350 CID MPFI engine weighs 650 lbs, compared to the 1050 lbs of the big block 496 CID option. This enables a significant horsepower-to-weight ratio advantage when installed in the already light ClassX series of modern jet boats.

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