ClassX 18 Prototype Development


The ClassX 18 Prototype Project

Hull and deck tabbed together.

Teleflex "Big T" push-pull rotary tilt helm and Morse 33C type (ST-HD) reverse gate control lever.

This heavy duty rotary helm system is probably "over kill" with a jet drive; however, it is a solid, dependable system that can take a lot of punishment.

(Bezel not installed.)
American Turbine SD309 Trial Fit.

View from starboard:

The pump assembly is fully set-back, "out-board" in the high performance, race proven configuration. (Note that the ride plate has not been installed.)
American Turbine SD309 Trial Fit.

View from aft:

Thrust reverse gate is closed.
American Turbine SD309 Trial Fit.

Pump assembly fitted on intake, installed in bottom of hull, in engine well.

The SD309 impeller shaft bearing housing functions as rear engine mount of 3-Point mount system. (Note black O-Ring engine mount gasket.)
The original hull mold, still in excellent shape after twenty-years of storage. The bottom is straight and performs very well.
Stringer molds nearing completion in the woodshop. These were subsequently faced and coated with Dupont ® nason ® Ful-Poxy © epoxy.
Stringers installed in hull. Central stringer is cantilevered between gussets in front of engine bay. The composit flooring will be bonded to these structures, forming an enclosed, triangulated monocoque structure. Notice the schedule-40 PVC wiring chase running through the starboard stringer.
ClassX 18 BowRider deck mold. If you are not familiar with FRP boat construction, think of the mold as if it were a big Jello ® mold. This view is upside-down. The finished deck will first be gellcoated, and then the structural fiberglass materials and resin will be hand-layed in the mold. The finished deck will then be pulled from the mold, already painted and ready to attach to the hull.

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