The ClassX 18 BR


Our BowRider deck configuration is a walk-through-windshield, sit-up-front pleasure boat. The gunwales are a little higher than our ClassX low-profile offerings. The gunwale rails add an additional sense of something to grab on to, just incase you feel like a little more security is good in rougher water. This boat shares the same hull design as our Low Profile ClassX 18's; therefore, you can expect similar ride, handling and performance.

ClassX 18 BR on shop trailer

This is an excellent small family boat. Water skiing, afternoon crusing, a picnik on the lake -- The ClassX 18 BR does it all.

With ClassXX chromosomal appeal and equipped with a swim platform, the intrinsic safety of the jet drive means that there is no propeller hazzard to little swimmers (or XYbig ones, too). No snarled or cut ski rops.

Custom upholstery options are available, in addition to optional bow rails and windshild configurations. We can even add a power-shower. To rinse off or wash the boat before leaving the lake, simply trailer the boat, leave the intake in the water, attach the garden hose, idle the engine and spray away.

The engine compartment can easily accomodate either the 350 CID small block or the 496 CID big block GM Vortex engines. The 350 PFI coupled to the American Turbine SD309 pump offers exceptional performance and a very favorable horsepower-to-weight ratio.


View of ClassX 18 BR aft profile
ClassX 18BR profile at Transom, ready for outfitting:   Note the added height above gunwale. The hull below the rubrail is the same design as used for the Low Profile ClassX 18's.

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