3D Modeling of Engine Installation


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The three-dimensional model drawings are not intended to represent any actual manufactured appearance, but are provided as examples of WaterMark's use of three dimensional CAD models in our engineering and design processes. The models major dimensions are true-to-scale and enable us to place components into position on other drawings. This provides tremendous cost savings with regard to the design process by not requiring construction of costly full scale prototypes. Once a reasonable configuration is built in model space, we then proceed with the actual assembly of real-world parts and subassemblies.

This process allows us to minimize our development costs, and the savings can be passed on to our customers.


350 CI (5.7 liter) PFI Engine




The Lord Engine Mount provides precise engine allignment and excellent vibration isolation.

Lord Type Engine Mount


Front View Hull, Engine, Stringers, and Tanks
Installed height of engine may be lower in final configuration relative to location of installed AT SD309 jet drive.

Arc (at transom station-18) through exhaust risers, is approximate envelope of proposed engine hatch cover. The final design and cross-sectional profile will be based on engine configuration with low profile exhaust system and mufflers.


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